Where to use?


You can contact or to be contacted only by your car license number, when:

  • You car is blocking someone
  • You been block in parking
  • You forget your window open
  • You forget your tank lid open
  • You forget your car lights open
  • Parking accidents

You can meet new persons in traffic even if you are a driver or a pedestrian.


Companies with big fleet of cars, trucks, taxi etc., can announce all drivers (in group or personal) via "WLT App" about a decision: meeting, accident, service, etc.

Car dealers and insurance dealers can promote their products to the "WLT APP" users.

We Love Traffic


Easy one step registration window. Add 3 pictures, enter your gender, nickname, email, age, car details and you are ready to chat in

Search & Chat History

You want to chat with someone in the car next to you? Just search for his/her license number, and you are ready to chat. So you can chat again very quickly we put the chat history on the first window.
It's very easy to delete a conversation or to block a user. All you have to do is to keep your finger on the conversation you want to block or delete and an action sheet will appear.

We Love Traffic

We Love Traffic


The drivers can meet using the licence plate number and they can instantly communicate. You can ask for a car race or join you to a coffee, easily as a push of a button. You can also have a long chat with your chat partner.

  • We.Love.Traffic is a secure chat app , we do not keep any of your conversations on our server.

Friends you like

You can save the people you like. The App have a special section for you to see the persons you like. If you don't want a friend anymore, all you have to is to push the unlike button (red hand down).

We Love Traffic

We Love Traffic

Near By

Start a chat with people that are on the same street with you. You can see their information before starting a chat, clicking the "i" button.